Xco Latin Workout at RhythmX Orlando. (Class not included in any of the RhythmX Dance Fitness class packages)
The Xco Latin Workout, mixes Latin rhythms and athletic movements using The XCO TRAINER® which is an anodized, weather-resistant aluminum tube containing a highly specialized granular substance, which serves as an oscillating mass. The determining factor is not the weight of the training tool, but rather the amount of force applied by the individual user (or “trainee”). The result: It is the most extraordinary, intense and dynamic workout in the market designed to work your entire body with special emphasis to your core and arms.

We want to you to train your full body on a different level and obtain results faster than with any other class in the market. Burn 33% more calories with this total body workout.

Class cost:

$12 per class    purchaseclass

class package:  $50  purchaseclass

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