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Music. Dance. Energy.
Movement. Rhythm. Excitement.
These are the words that best describe how Eric feels about Zumba®.

Eric has always felt a strong creative connection to music and dance. In 2001, while teaching English as a second language in Ft. Lauderdale, he was introduced to Latin dance by some of his students. He loved it and has been dancing Salsa, Merengue and Bachata ever since.

Eric is thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic and exciting team of Zumba® instructors at RhythmX Studio and totally excited about bringing his style and energy into the mix.

“Finding RhythmX… Continue reading


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As a native Colombian growing up in Miami, I was born to dance!

I took my dancing and professional performing skills to the next level in my teen years, adding styles such as hip hop, jazz and ballroom to my repertoire.

Over 5 years ago I came across Zumba. I instantaneously became a Zumba Fitness addict and haven’t sobered up since! This insanely fun new Latin flavored dance fitness program had my name written all over it! I just had to become an instructor and add my unique fun Miami vibe, hip motions and chore fitness elements to it!

In… Continue reading


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Carlos Rodacost is our newest addition to the RhythmX staff and a certified Zumba® and Zumba® Toning Instructor from New York City. Carlos had been teaching Zumba® at the famous Zclubny. Trained in numerous dance styles including Jazz, Merengue, Salsa, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop, Carlos has developed a unique style that showcases his charismatic, fun, and outgoing personality.

His enormous talent and profound experience has led his dancing career to work for very reputable companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Hardrive Production. However, the opportunity to share his passion for dance has found his maximum expression through Zumba®,… Continue reading


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A native of Cuba, Raul’s passion for music and dancing triggered a desire to pursue the dream of being a salsa dancer and instructor in his homeland. His love for dancing continued to grow throughout time, but his availability to teach was considerably reduced when he was granted the lifetime opportunity of moving to the United States.

When first arriving, the inevitable language barrier and the new responsibilities were Raul’s biggest challenges. In 2010, after dedicating the time necessary to learn the English language, Raul decided to take a Zumba® class, which was being conducted by Vanessa Valentin. He had… Continue reading

Billie Abbas



Billie has studied dance all of her life. Beginning at a young age she studied ballet, Modern Jazz, Modern dance, Belly Dance, and Flamenco. She danced with the Nioami Frumez modern dance company.

She was in the opening modern jazz act for the Ballet De Puerta Rico at the Dade Auditorium in Miami and performed from N.Y. to south Florida.

Billie has focused solely on belly dance for over 15 years now and has taken workshops with the best belly dancers in the world. She has been teaching and performing in and around the Orlando area since moving here in… Continue reading

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