Latin Partner Dancing Latin (ie. Salsa and Bachata), can make learning how to dance fun and easy!

Latin partner dance classes for Same Sex couples and their friends in Orlando. Learn a new skill and be part of a vibrant community.
Choose whether to learn to lead or follow in this Salsa & Bachata class. Beginner class only needs to be taken once unless you feel you need and extra class before beginning the all levels class.
Whether you’re on your own or with a friend you’re sure to love the friendly and social atmosphere and get fit in the process.
Please remember that the Rainbow Latin Nights are held on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month.

Salsa – This is a truly great club dance, one that is fun, accessible, sexy, and constantly evolving.

Bachata– In these Bachata is one of the most romantic of the four Latin nightclub dances. Learn to get close with your dance partner in this dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. While learning the basic step for this dance is easy, this dance is definitely all about hips and attitude.