Be careful on who you follow to lose weight fast

When it comes to Your Health, There Are No “Magic Pills”
If you’ve spent any time watching T.V. over the last decade, you’ve been bombarded with all kinds of commercials selling anything from bogus fitness equipment (ab lounge, shake weight, ab wheels, etc…)  to pills that are supposed to make you look like you spend all day in a gym (hydroxycut, zantrex 3, etc…)

Because at the end of the day, that’s what we want; we want to look & feel great, but we don’t want to spend the time. We have become a “quick fix” nation and we have become that way because we have been lied to by companies that promise you the life you want if you only use their product. Does anyone really think that the models in the commercials got their great bodies because they use some worthless piece of equipment or take some crazy pill? Just in case you were wondering, no they did not!

These companies are masters at fooling us in to believing that we can reverse years of neglect in three easy 30 minute sessions a week. Most of us understand that this isn’t the case, but the problem is that we have been hearing these commercials and reading these ads for so long that they have filtered down in to our consciousness. Whether we realize it or not, we have been influenced by this garbage and it has altered our expectations as exercisers.
What we do daily here at Rhythm X is open the eyes of our clients. Our clients know that when it comes to their health, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. Our clients understand that you cannot expect to erase years of neglect in a few short months. Our instructors are all certified professionals and many of them have undergone their own amazing transformations. That means that on the most personal levels, they understand that, REAL CHANGE TAKES TIME.  Anyone that tells you different usually has a pill, tonic or piece of equipment they want to sell you. Don’t fall for it!

Personally, I’ve been a certified trainer for almost 10yrs. I’ve helped kids as young as ten and adults as old as seventy-three. I’ve helped men and women build muscle and drop fat and reclaim their lives.  I’ve helped clients drop hundreds of pounds and several dress sizes. I’ve watched timid, meek men and women turn in to self assured, confident people and I’ve seen that transformation saturate and improve every area of my clients’ lives. In fact, that’s the reason why any passionate instructor keeps training; we all love to have a small part in the live changing journey that fitness can be for our clients!
        Whether you are part of our Zumba family or you do our Bootcamp program or you do both, here’s our pledge to you, At Rhythm X, we will:
–       Provide the best atmosphere in Orlando to come and work out
–       Give you the most effective programs for melting fat and building lean muscle
–       Empower you with complete meal plans that include recipes and grocery lists (BC)
–       Give you our Bootcamp style workouts that you can take with you ANYWHERE (BC)
–       Give you the ACCOUNTABILITY you need to work hard for the long term
–       Help you incorporate all of these changes in to your life so they become part of you
–       Give you support and encouragement when you need it (this will happen at some point)
–       Educate you on a variety of health related topics through our newsletter

Here at Rhythm X, we understand that the more tools and support we can provide to our family, the better their results will be. But the simple fact is this: No program will work for you if you do not have the self-discipline to stay focused on your goal. This can take different shapes for different people.
For some, this means having the discipline to make healthier food choices and eating the right portions
Instead of eating until you’re “stuffed”. For others, it means having the discipline to make it to our studio for *every* workout and working with intensity even if they’ve had a tough day, week, etc…
For many, it means both of these things.
At Rhythm X, we understand that fitness is a journey, not a destination. We understand that any journey will have obstacles to over come and there will always be ups & downs. But our sincere hope is that we have educated our family members so they recognize the garbage society has filled our heads with and instead show our family that with dedicated, consistent action to make a change in our lives, we can accomplish great things. It won’t happen over night and it will not be easy no matter how good the program is. At the core of every program is the following truth:

It has been and always will be YOUR SWEAT EQUITY that achieves your goal.

Beware of any trainer/program that won’t tell you this!
The best trainer in the world is still only a guide. We can’t do the pushups for you, we can’t dance for you; we can’t stop you from making poor eating choices. However, what we can do and always will do is show you the right path to achieve your goals. You can always count on us to be there to pick you up if you fall from that path. At Rhythm X, we don’t judge our family. We offer the best exercise programs around and we offer our unwavering support for all of our Rhythm X family members because when you achieve your goal, you become an inspiration for those around you.
I know I speak for all the staff at Rhythm X when I say this: We take your trust in us very seriously and we all look forward to helping you achieve wonderful things. It won’t be easy; in fact, it can be pretty darn hard! But we take your trust in us seriously and we welcome the opportunity to help you!

Written by: Max Hoyt, RhythmX bootcamp trainer

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